this would be a spot for coverage ABOUT s/l balance and phone stuff. I’m not sure if it should be a list of links, as it is on, or if it would make more sense to do it in a blog format (more work!). Either way, I think we should have the graphic of the publication logos very high up, and also link to videos at the top.

I’d be interested in your thoughts about whether to actually have this be a public/visible page, or if instead we should have it be a hidden page only accessible to people I send it to (such as other media outlets that I’m trying to pitch). In that case, we could just have a brief mention of press coverage on the home and about pages, including the logos, and incorporate some of the TV segments elsewhere on the site.

ALTERNATIVELY (and perhaps best!): we address press superficially on the about and home pages, and each one has a link to “see more press” or something like that, which would take them to an interior page not linked to in the primary navigation at the top.