How to Host a Phone Breakup Party

Want to make your phone breakup more fun—and more effective? Host a phone breakup party. It's an interactive evening designed to help you and your friends, colleagues, relatives, community groups and book club members develop better relationships with your devices. 

Step 1: Get the book.

Step 2: Get the downloads

Here are some resources you can use to get your breakup party started (and to spread the word about what you've done):

Step 3: Sign up for the Break Up Challenge

Step 4: Have the party!

When guests arrive, ask them to leave their phones at the door. (You could use a basket, or even put out a stack of envelopes and markers that guests can use as temporary "sleeping bags" for their devices.) Have some food, have some drinks, and when the time feels right, use the conversation prompts to get things started!

Have you thrown your own break-up party? Share your suggestions using the comments form.